❥ My First EVER English Post!

I’ve been keeping a blog in Mandarin Chinese for ages, but I never thought of having an English blog even though I lived in USA for 10 years. Most of my English is learned by reading academic related content (I bet you can tell by the vocabularies I chose in writing). Therefore, I believe my English is probably not that “blog-friendly” and people might find my English hard to understand when reading my travel or beauty share.

VegLover.Club was started in 2016 as a Mandarin Website sharing Veg News, Veg Travel & Dining, and Veg Beauty. After all, I think the Chinese community are less familiar with the concept of cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle, so they are the main audience that I really want to influence. However, as I started my Instagram for VegLover.Club, I realized that most visitors are


My personal Instagram account is private so even I joined Instagram in 2012, I never had this “global” experience since most followers are my friends. But once I have a public  Instagram account, I see how small our world is. People from all over the world can  like my posts, especially those who share similar interests with me. ❤️

So I started to feel sorry about visitors who clicked in VegLover.Club but found they couldn’t understand a thing since it’s in Chinese. Therefore, I decided to have en.VegLover.Club for visitors like you who want to know more about the vegan gourmet or vegan beauty products that I highly recommend. 😘

The English VegLover.Club is not a duplicate from the Chinese one. I believe audience speaking the two different languages may have quite different interests. Therefore, I’ll keep different content in these two sites, even though the structure is the same: Veg News, Veg Travel, and Veg Beauty.

All right, I’m all excited about my English site! Hope you’ll like it too. ☺️

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